Poster for the film Word on the Street

Release Date: July 28 2019

Production Company: Hapstance Films

Director: Austin Hillibrecht, Sean Parker

Written by: Austin Hillibrecht, Sean Parker

Producers: Austin Hillibrecht, Sean Parker

Cinematography: Jace Daniel

Editor: Sean Parker

Original Music: Bryan Christopher Saylor (as Bryan Minus)

Post-mixer: Peter Russel


For the duration of this creation, a pair of mobsters engage in wordplay-filled conversation. Their ensuing confrontation and a rhyme infatuation makes the film an inspiration.

"It can be tempting to use stock music instead of hiring a composer, but that only gets you so far. Thank goodness we hired Bryan to score our short film Word on the Street. Not only did he provide a delightful, engaging score that perfectly complemented the rhythm-based dialogue, he filled the music with loads of fun, jazzy embellishments that added a lot of heart and subtle humor.

"Working with Bryan was a total blast! He's a great collaborator, and super skilled at integrating all my notes in creative ways. It didn't take long before we had a finished result the whole team was incredibly happy with, and part of me wishes it could have taken longer.

"Bryan's easy to work with, has an impressive library of high-quality sounds, and knows how to blend VSTs with real instruments in a way that masks any sense of artifice. Not to mention, his ear for great melody and ability to work across all genres is a major asset to any production. Book him before he gets too busy, because this fine fellow's going places!"

-Sean Parker, Writer/Director/Editor

Selected Tracks:

Word on the Street - End Credits

Word on the Street - Murderation

Film Festivals:

McMinnville Film Short Film Festival

Portland Comedy Film Festival

The Next Level International Film Festival - Winner of Best Short Comedy

Oregon Independent Film Festival

Vivere Di Musica Festival - Winner of Best Original Soundtrack

Portland Underground Film Festival

Canby Film Festival

Marina Del Rey Film Festival

Toronto Feedback Festival - Winner of Audience Choice Best Film