Bryan Christopher Saylor, also known as Bryan Minus, is an award-winning composer known for his musical talent and creative problem-solving skills. His expertise lies in writing music for film, games, and commercials on screen, and the internet, using his passion for storytelling to help create impactful, emotional stories and experiences.

I would recommend working with Bryan because he is a professional, but also a friendly person. There's no point in working with someone in this industry if you can't get along with them, and he is very easy to work with.
-Rollyn Stafford, Writer/Director

With an impressive portfolio, Bryan has scored dozens of films that have been screened globally, including the powerful documentary Behind the Bullet, directed by Heidi Yeman, and Rollyn Stafford's feature film 1 Dead Dog, as well as Jason Rosenblatt's Vicious. His music has also graced several video games, including Ship It, which was selected as a top ten game showcased at PAX West.

He's a great collaborator, and super skilled at integrating all my notes in creative ways. It didn't take long before we had a finished result the whole team was incredibly happy with, and part of me wishes it could have taken longer.
-Sean Parker, Writer/Director/Editor

Bryan's scores have won multiple awards, including Best Original Music/Score at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Best Music at the 48hr Film Festival, and Best Original Soundtrack at Concorso Vivere Di Musica. With his music featured in over fifty festivals, including Slamdance, Cinequest, and the Portland International Film Festival, Bryan has established himself as a versatile composer with an exceptional ability to capture the essence of a film through his music. Furthermore, many of the projects Bryan has collaborated on have received recognition in the form of awards, including Best Director, Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature, Best Animated Feature, Best Horror Short, Best Short Film, and Best Short Comedy.

Bryan is not afraid of accepting constructive feedback. His intelligence about storytelling and user experience also make him a great partner in providing feedback that goes well beyond the scoring of your project.
-Ian McClellan, Game designer

Based in Portland, Oregon, Bryan lives with his wife, daughter, and two cats, and enjoys roasting and drinking coffee, cycling, and watching movies.

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