Title screen for the virtual reality game Ship It.

Release date: October 15, 2016

Developer: Think On Labs

Game Designer: Ian McClellan

Programmer: Ian McClellan

Artists: Elliot Morris, Tilon DeBoise

Original Music: Bryan Christopher Saylor (as Bryan Minus)


Fast-paced block stacking fun! Fill a box with a variety of colorful shapes, then ship the box to earn your wage before the ‘workday’ is over. Designed for VR, you will enjoy physical satisfaction when grabbing blocks from the conveyor field, rotating them with you hands, then smashing them into their boxes.

Bryan is one of my favorite people to work with. He understands his craft at a super advanced level and brings all his skills to bear in making your project great. He takes loose instructions and weaves them into just what your story needed even when you couldn't imagine it. Bryan is not afraid of accepting constructive feedback. His intelligence about storytelling and user experience also make him a great partner in providing feedback that goes well beyond the scoring of your project.

-Ian McClellan, Game Designer


Selected for the PAX10

Pax10 2017 badge